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The Grumpy Old Man
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August 2015
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The Grumpy Old Man [userpic]
No longer abate thy breath

Because I know everyone's been waiting for me to wade into the controversy and hear my opinion, the answer is that Splinter taught them how to be "ninja teens".

1/ They can't be taught to be "teams" because there is only one team.

2/ The rhyme is "machines".

3/ He didn't teach them how to be teens, he taught them how to be ninja teens. It's harder than it sounds. You can't just be a ninja and a teen and say you're done. You have to learn to be a teen ninja or you will just end up being a jerk with ninja weapons.

4/ I had a cupcake with coconut frosting for breakfast. It was yummy.

5/ Ryan North linked to the youtube copyright violation video of the opening song, so I'll link to it as well. It's clear that the sound is muddled (ha ha) enough that you can't tell based on the video whether it's teens or teams.

6/ That bastion of hyper-correctness, Wikipedia, has this line: The lyrics were also changed, such as changing "Splinter taught them to be ninja teens" to the "Splinter taught them to be ni-fighting teens." This happened due to an error in the lyric changing. That's from a discussion about the way it was exported to certain countries who didn't like the word Ninja. I hope this blog entry is not banned from those countries. I have it on good authority that coconut cupcakes are not banned in those very same countries[citation needed].

7/ The TMNT wiki itself which definitely didn't copy Wikipedia no siree bob, has a similar line: The lyrics were also changed, such as changing "Splinter taught them to be ninja teens" to "Splinter taught them to be fighting teens.".

8/ Ninja ninja ninja ninja.

9/ !!!