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The Grumpy Old Man
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The Grumpy Old Man [userpic]

This is interesting, but they're doing it backwards. They shouldn't be trying to interpret what the brain is trying to say. Instead, they should convert specific, but arbitrarily-chosen, patterns directly in to phonemes, and then let Mr Ramsay play with it until he figures out how to create the sequence he wants.

The brain is more malleable than they're giving it credit for. Hook him up with a pair of headphones and let him experiment with his own thoughts. It'll eventually "click" for him, and he'll be effectively fluent.


That wouldn't teach as much about the way language is encoded in the brain naturally, though. I guess that's an ethical issue.

ok, yeah. I guess I was more interested in helping the guy to talk again, rather than determining how the brain works. I thought fMRI was all about digging into an 'active' brain, anyway, so invasive procedures like brain surgery wouldn't be necessary.