The Grumpy Old Man (markm) wrote,
The Grumpy Old Man

It's all well and good to talk about a law of evolution but you'll still need a theory to explain why the law exists. We already know living things evolve. There is a theory to explain why they do. It's not perfect, and there is some disagreement even amongst scientists.

Is the suggestion then to simply equate the term 'law' with the term 'fact'? The "law of gravity" is a common phrase, although technically it's a theory. There is the fact that gravity exists, and then there's a theory to attempt to explain why. Does the "law of gravity" refer to the theory or to the fact? If the former, then the lay community is getting it wrong, and we just have to deal. If the latter, well, even laws are not absolute (e.g. Newton's "laws" have to be adjusted to take relativity into account), so even there it seems like a dodgy term to use.

I'll stick with "fact" and "theory" for now: The fact that life evolves seems to be explained by modern evolutionary theory.

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