The Grumpy Old Man (markm) wrote,
The Grumpy Old Man

Tim Kring, Heroes, and Apologies

Here's a short article on Tim Kring and his apology for the current season

From TV Squad: "[Kring] says that they made a mistake with the pacing of the show this season, new cast members weren't introduced correctly, the Claire/West love thing isn't really working, the save the world plot took too long to explain, and that Hiro was in Japan too long".

OK. My main problems with the series are twofold. First, West (Claire's new boyfriend) is way too creepy. He started off being a jerk, moved on to being a peeping tom, and then put the icing on top with the "I just want to be part of your life" line. Shudder city. If they're trying to make West out to be a good guy, they're doing it all wrong.

Secondly, the Kensei betrayal was pulled off way too quickly. I didn't buy the transition from "thank you, friend, for showing me the way" to "you are now my nemesis for all time" based on a single kiss. A regular human, Yaeko, couldn't have switched her love from Takezo to Hiro based on a single revelation (that it was Hiro who fought off the swordsmen many episodes ago). Hasn't Kensei done everything else since then? Didn't she fall in love with Kensei based on what he has been doing and who he became? Lame, lame, lame transition.

They could have done a much better job of it. They did a great job at revealing who Adam was, for example.

So those are my two issues with the current story lines. Hopefully the former will die a quick and painful death. And the latter is now in the past (ha!) so not worth my mental anguish any longer.

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