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The Grumpy Old Man
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The Grumpy Old Man [userpic]
A Puzzle

Take a four-letter word starting with C. Advance one of the letters in the word three positions in the alphabet (e.g. A would become D, B would become E, and so on), and you'll get a second word meaning something that might be put into the first.


Might fans be put into cans? Would a capo wear camo? Cane (sugar) in a cake? Surely cola wants to be cold, but I wouldn't say that the cold is put into the cola.

Ah, I've got it! Mental cases wear capes. That's it, isn't it? :)

Not quite...

I guess putting cash into a case makes slightly more sense than putting a case into a cape. Or a cave into a case. On the other hand, some of my faves are set in caves.

case -> cash was the one I was thinking of


Thanks, that was fun.

A fart in a cart? A cred in a coed? A chit in a 'ceit?

I was thinking of cash in a case. I'll make a better one for my second attempt.

You could put CD-Rs into cars.

You certainly could do that, yes.