The Grumpy Old Man (markm) wrote,
The Grumpy Old Man

Ideas for the Internets, Part 1

OK. So I've got this RSS reader, right? And I'm subscribed to a buncha different feeds, right? And some of the feeds "overlap", right?


OK, I mean that you'll see "Teenage Girl Rushed To Hospital After Caffeine Overdose" and you'll say "Yikes, I hope she's OK." And then you'll see it again. And then again. And again. And all the links are pointing to, say, the Daily Mail, for example.

So how about a "smart RSS" which can group the stories that all point to the same URL? It'd take a bit of parsing and some smahts to work it out, but I don't see anything technical that would stop it from being implemented.

Except my laziness, of course. So I throw the idea out to you, good reader, in the hope that it will inspire.

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