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The Grumpy Old Man
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August 2015
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The Grumpy Old Man [userpic]
Learning foreign languages

I've never been fluent in any language except for English. I know bits and pieces of Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, French, and German, but I can't think in any of those languages. I would very much like to experience bilingualism, so I'm learning Japanese by audio.

The side-effect of this is I get Japanese phrases popping into my head during the day. This would be cool if there were any context for the expression, and if I could actually remember what the expression means. Right now, my brain keeps repeating 'sagashite irun desu ga' and I can't for the life of me recall its meaning. Sometimes I despair, but I'll keep plugging away at it - the audio CD's are too damned expensive for me to quit.


It means something like "(it's because) I'm searching, but...".

I know what you mean about the random phrases popping into the head, though.