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The Grumpy Old Man
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The Grumpy Old Man [userpic]
Extreme Viral Marketing

I post this mostly because thinking of zrblm as a worried single mom is hilarious.

Snakes on a Plane! by merde
Name of Airline
Type of Plane
Samuel L. Motherfuckin' Jacksonemshort
The insane, snake-wrangling assassingrunk
The gutsy pilot who doesn't make itkiznews
The nubile, plucky flight attendantmaga_dogg
The loudmouthed jerk who won't shut upspinooti
The clever, snake-obsessed kidkizlj
The worried single mom:zrblm
How many snakes97,203
How much does the film gross$40,163,433,395
Quiz created with MemeGen!


I dunno, I'm liking the idea of a movie in which emshort kicks ass and takes names.

So am I. Oh, yes.

Despite my sassy, competent exterior, my eyes mist up and my lip trembles virginally at the very idea.

Grunk never wrangle snake before. Want to try it now -- sound like fun.