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The Grumpy Old Man
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August 2015
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The Grumpy Old Man [userpic]
[ifMUD] dream

This really happened. Last night. Honest.

First, I met with that doctor from the 'House' medical drama. We needed to get to 3 Franklin Ave quickly, because that's where Spatch was. We got into the car and sped off, but we didn't really know how to get there, since it was in Cambridge. Fortunately, Spatch was in the car with us (yeah, I know), and we all thought that was great since he'd be able to tell us how to get to himself.

We were driving along a two-lane road, and someone was tailgating us. The road was slippery, and she spun off right where a traffic cop was forcing us all down to one lane. She came to a stop and got out. She started yelling at her passenger, who had slipped out of the car. She was quickly placed under arrest, and we all went to the police station. She started to confess that it was she who had planted the bomb at the door, but none of us (inky, Jacq, myself, traffic cop) believed her as she was only fifteen or sixteen years old. Inky and Jacq were were dentists. It was up to me to find out what had happened, and so I went first to inky's office - right there in the police station, which turned out to be a huge building. I marvelled at how neatly inky had cleaned up the night before, putting everything in its place, with the towels stacked properly, the counter top cleaned off, and the chair spotless. But wait, there was one small stain of blood right on his white dentist coat! The plot thickens. I turned and walked out, to head to Jacq's office and

Damnit, the alarm clock went off. Now I'll never solve the crime!


How about a pirate dentist of the high seas?

"Arr! Ye be havin' a cavity in the upper right bicuspid! Give me a doubloon to melt down for a fillin'!"