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The Grumpy Old Man
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August 2015
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The Grumpy Old Man [userpic]
Trigan Panels No. 550-560 (phew!)

(Update: corrections in bold thanks to fourcoffees.

Trigan 550:
...and causing even family members to attack one another.
"Father! No! Stop!"

Trigan 551:
Meanwhile, Brag carries the unconscious guard down the palace steps.
"Trouble is brewing in our city."

Trigan 552:
Up above he sees his own son
Brag: "Stop! Janno, don't!"
Janno: "Death!"

Trigan 553:
The strange bug finally arrives at the city.

Trigan 554:
The fell creatures appear very satisfied.
"By morning they will have all killed one another. But we still have much to do."

Trigan 555:
While the mysterious opponent creeps away, complete chaos breaks out in the city.
Trigo and Brag lie, struck down, on the steps.

Trigan 556:
They fight one another in the marketplace, each desiring complete annihilation.

Trigan 557:
Even Janno fights to the death with his best friend.

Trigan 558:
Because Trigo was knocked unconscious the moment the city was irradiated, he was not affected. When he comes to, he sees Brag lying next to him.
(thinking) "He yet lives."
(thinking) "The noises outside - what could they mean?"

Trigan 559:
He looks out...
(thinking) "Why... my people are fighting each other to the death!"

Trigan 560:
Trigo's spaceship stands outside. With his sword, he clears a path through the fighting.
(thinking) "I must end this bloodbath!"

There, that's my best shot. Comments and corrections welcome.